Welcome to PrimaryPoint


You can access a full range of regularly updated policies which will keep you compliant to the latest legislation. Such as;

  • NHS Act 2006
  • Health and Social Care Act 2012
  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • Employment Act 2008


You will have access to best practice governance documents, as well as procedure notes, toolkits and user guides. We will help you with standard letter templates and best practice guidance on specific issues. Such as;

  • Scheme of delegation
  • Requisitioning and ordering procedures
  • Standard letter templates
  • Best practice guidance on employment relations


You can access a suite of items to help you streamline your work. Providing access to high quality toolkits and systems to help you with your day to day work, these products are developed in house by MLCSU or are nationally recognised. Such as;

  • FindMeALocum
  • TRAC
  • UAssure
  • FindMeanS12Doctor


Through our gold, silver and bronze packages, you will have full access to MLCSU packages and services, providing you with expert specialist advice, guidance and information. Such as;

  • Information Governance
  • Finance
  • Human Resources and Organisational Development
  • Procurement 
  • Clinical Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation 


You will be signing up to a first-class expert support service which will provide you with guidance and information as you need it, our experts will help you with any of your queries or issues. Such as;

  • Experts in each service
  • In hours Telephone call off service 
  • Rapid email response service

Why choose PrimaryPoint


Designed by the NHS, for the NHS

Being an organisation that is part of the NHS working for the NHS, MLCSU staff and culture are naturally aligned to your values. Our focus is on creating value – not profits – to deliver at-scale, competitively priced and effective support.


Save time and money for your organisation

Primary care needs space and time to focus on improving care for patients. PrimaryPoint is designed to make adopting, updating and replacing your organisation’s policies and procedures as easy as possible – saving you both time and money.


Bespoke guidance, tools and services

We recognise that every primary care organisation will face different challenges. MLCSU has a wealth of experienced subject matter experts who will guide and advise you.

Our products and services in more detail

Information Governance

PrimaryPoint packages will give you access to:

  • IG Service housing suite of downloadable templates and documents for practice use.
  • Access to a team of IG Specialists
  • Support to GPs and Pharmacists, Optometry and Dentistry to evidence compliance with Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • Annual mandatory Information Governance Training for practice teams

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • CQC readiness - pre-inspections, reports and advice to help primary care get ready for CQC inspections
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) support services with a named DPO and GP IG cover, remote support for GP practices and PCNs
  • Tailored training sessions
  • Freedom of Information/Subject Access Request support
  • Preparing Care homes for NHS.net sign up
  • Enhancement of information governance compliance policy with eDiscovery



Human resources & organisational development

PrimaryPoint packages will give you access to;

  • Human resources online portal, providing Policy development and regulatory compliance.
  • Suite of policies based on best HR practice and current legislation/employment law to support Primary Care organisations
  • Access to HR experts to help with practice HR issues.

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • Recruitment and resourcing
  • Temporary staffing solutions
  • Employee relations support
  • PCN and practice workforce planning



PrimaryPoint packages will give you access to;

  • Finance Service which has a Financial Governance pocket guide template, a guide to good Financial Governance and a suite of procedure notes
  • Access to a team of Finance Specialists for advice
  • Reporting of costs incurred each month/quarter to that investment decisions to support in year
  • Review of transactions to ensure accurate coding of costs or income, and journals completed to correct any errors.

 Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • Accounts services, production of year to date and and forecasted costs
  • Financial health check
  • Tailored training sessions
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable transactional services
  • PCN network implementation support


Procurement - offer coming soon

PrimaryPoint packages will give you access to;

  • Access to team of Procurement Specialists Mon-Fri 9am-5pm for strategic and operational advice
  • Support to GPs and PODs to evidence compliance with Procurement Regulations and Standing Financial Instructions
  • Spend analysis to highlight opportunities for consolidation and achievement of savings
  • Transactional support service including sourcing, expediting deliveries
  • Support and consolidation of buying power to maximize value for money opportunities

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • Help with bid writing where responding to procurements for new services or commissioning new services
  • Support with checking new business offers before procurement is concluded


Communications & engagement - offer coming soon

PrimaryPoint packages will give you access to;

Coming soon

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • Build communication plans and support with best practice approaches to communication around service changes or PCN development
  • Expert help with patient engagement and events
  • Help with advertising new services including digital advertising, organise media channels (advertising, social media, media) to ensure that messages capture attention of different stakeholder group
  • Campaigns which are underpinned by research and intelligence to target communications and engagement activities to reach the right peopl
  • Practice and PCN website and intranet development tool, development of cutting-edge, bespoke websites or intranets which are scalable to meet the evolving needs of PCNs and practices.



Clinical pharmacy and medicines optimization - offer coming soon

PrimaryPoint packages will give you access to;

  • Providing Practice based Clincal Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
  • Providing professional staff with managed competencies, and professional senior oversight to deliver your clinical service
  • Service includes care homes structured medication reviews, polypharmacy reviews and repeat prescribing management
  • Resolving day-to-day medicine issues, consulting with patients directly on medicines related issues

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • Acting as employing organisation to source, recruit and provide clinical pharmacist services under the ARRS
  • Resilient service including defined cover for sickness or leave, and assurance that professional staff are fully registered



Business intelligence - offer coming soon

PrimaryPoint package will give you access to;

Coming soon

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • Primary Care OTiS - The Primary Care System takes real-time data feeds for the use of General Practice and displays calculated metrics for assurance, benchmarking, risk stratification, patient activity and when available, consultations information. Key metrics are presented in dashboard format for a live view of activity levels across the whole primary care network.
  • Practice/PCN primary care data flows – setting up, enabling use, reporting
  • Data Sharing – clarifying requirements, data sharing agreement development and governance (with IG)
  • PHM/PCN alignment – data insight, case finding, case management, wider determinants of health alignment, PCN health data mapping, benchmarking
  • Tailored reporting tool – Aristotle - risk stratification and segmentation, identifying at risk patients




Digital - offer coming soon

PrimaryPoint packages will give you access to;

Coming soon

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • Informatics & Strategy Development
  • Policy Development, Business Change/Process Improvement
  • Data Sharing Agreements
  • E-Innovations & Digital Applications
  • Web / Mobile Application Development

Corporate services - offer coming soon

PrimaryPoint packages will give you access to;

Coming soon

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint;

  • Complaints/PALS service, helpdesk support to deal with complaints
  • Health & Safety, Resilience, fire training and assessment
  • Business continuity support
  • Records management and storage, files, personal data and emails security using UK EMEA data centres, proactive approach to potential security issues.
  • Estates, appraisals of estate for future development, facilities Management of existing estate
  • Equality and Inclusion




PCN and Clinical Director Domain Support 

Other services available outside of PrimaryPoint supporting the 6 domains;

PCN Setup

  • Project Management
  • Governance and Information Governance (IG)
  • Communications and engagement

Organisational Development

  • Developing culture
  • Fostering new relationships

Leadership development

  • Development of a Leadership Academy Individual Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership

Collaborative Working

  • Helping to operationalise the model of care and service delivery
  • Integrating multi agency delivery

Population Health Management

  • Case finding and case management
  • Support for new contract DES and Investment and Impact Fund

Social Prescribing

  • Advice and support with contractual mechanism to engage social prescribing support
  • IG and practical support to set up compliant social prescribing referral and monitoring processes

Other ways we can help primary care organisations…

Midlands and Lancashire CSU have many specific solutions that primary care organisations can use to benefit and support their business:



We know that practices often struggle to find good GP locums quickly, so we’ve worked with GP federations to develop a phone app and website to enable simple booking of accredited locums in seconds. Simple to use, www.findmealocum.co.uk takes the hassle out of filling locum sessions for your practice and finding available sessions for locums.



Exclusively available through your GP Federation or Primary Care Network, PrimaryWeb enables you to build and maintain your own bespoke practice website and intranet at a significantly discounted rate.  Simple to use and offering a range of flexible, NHS-branded templates to choose from, it will enhance your practice’s digital presence and provide your patients with the optimum online experience.


Find me an S.12 Doctor

Mental Health Act assessments are an essential tool that help care specialists get patients to the care they need. Available through an innovative web portal and phone app, our solution, makes sourcing an S.12 doctor rapid and hassle-free. Within minutes, AMHPs can geo-locate and select appropriate doctors from the local area and book them. Then, once the assessment is complete, the system offers an error and fraud-safe automated claims process that gives CCGs critical financial control.

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Our clients

  • NHS England
  • PWE Healthcare
  • North Staffs GP Federation
  • Willowbank Medical Centre
  • St Helens South PCN
  • Newcastle Central PCN
  • East Cheshire PCN
  • 700 GP Practices use our IG services
  • Staffordshire CCGs
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